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Day in-the-life Videos
  The Power of Day in-the-life Videos


Bringing the jury into your client’s home for the day allows them a glimpse into the daily life your client leads now juxtaposed with the life they left behind with the injury they sustained.  Our video team will spend a day filming your client, focusing on accommodations that have been made to deal with their injuries.  We then take the footage back to the editing department and reduce it down to a 5- or 10-minute microfilm documenting what it’s like for your client to manage the activities of daily living.


Most people have a difficult time placing themselves into an injured person’s shoes, so to speak.  When we’re done shooting the life altering impacts in your client’s life, the jury will be able to see firsthand the effects of a lasting injury. 


We have created a sample Day-in-the-Life Video so you can see for yourself what a powerful tool this can be in a courtroom setting.  Once you view it, we think you’ll agree this is a very effective tool.


Video Feature Coming Soon.