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Digital Video Taping
   The Value of Videotaping Depositions

Video TapingWhoever said “winning isn’t everything” probably wasn’t a trial lawyer!  Our video team helps attorneys tell their clients’ stories more effectively and more convincingly through the use of multimedia presentations.  Today’s technosavvy juries have become accustomed to captivating evidence unfolding before their eyes.  Reading a transcript to juries is simply not as convincing as actually seeing a witness’s body language captured on video, the sadness of an injured party’s demeanor as they reflect upon the pain caused by injuries, or an angry tone or long pause as an expert attempts to devise an appropriate answer.

Digital Video Taping
Digital Video TapingCCR provides experienced videographers using the latest high quality digital video equipment.  Videosynched transcripts capturing the written and spoken word together with instant audio, visual, and text display when and where you need it is quickly becoming the industry standard.  Diversifying your trial presentation utilizing the advanced technology CCR offers will leave a lasting impression that could make the difference of winning or losing a case.
A Day in the life Videos

Day-in-the-life Videos are able to depict the daily life of an injured plaintiff.  They allow jurors to see firsthand the impacts of significant injuries upon your client and understand how the injuries have transformed their life from an avid rock climber, for instance, to a paraplegic.  Videos can take the jury right to the scene of an accident.   They can be a very effective tool in bringing the jury into focus.