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Realtime Court Reporting
   Realtime Technology to Advance Your Position


Realtime Court ReportingRealtime technology is an incredibly effective way to present your case.  

Using Realtime to assist in preparation with daily depositions is a powerful tool that can assist with expert and non-expert depositions.  You can provide the testimony of your adversary’s experts in realtime in order to allow your own experts to prepare and strategize prior to their deposition testimony, giving you an added advantage in the discovery process.


Central Court Reporting prides itself in offering certified realtime reporters and certified LiveNote reporters to assist with your realtime needs.  We also offer same-day rough draft transcripts (or “dirty ASCIIs”) which allow a key advantage in preparing for the next day’s depositions.


We can also caption events and display the text on an overhead projector to be viewed by a large audience.

When Scheduling
  When Scheduling


When scheduling your deposition or event, please let our scheduling department know in advance you would like a realtime reporter.   Or send us an email.  We will make sure our reporter arrives with all of the necessary equipment and software.